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ISFAA Webinar: COVID-19, 2019, and 2020 Tax Issues for Financial Aid Officers - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Owen
These questions were sent to me privately. What is your advise for these situations?-not covid-related: use of HoH filing status by married people - lots of tax preparers tell their clients to do this. any advice for us as FA officers?-And covid-related: some students/parents can NOT set up an online acct at IRS. trying to get tax documentation. any advice?-If the employer is totally closed and there are news articles about the closure, how good is that for documentation?
Sarah Owen
Another question: Does the unemployment and the PUC appear on the same unemployment statement since one is from the state and the other is from the federal government?
Sarah Owen
If a self employed person uses a CPA and doesn't have quarterly P & L info available, what do you recommend?
Julie Kaye Wonderlin
AWESOME! Thank you!!!